The Little Penguin Children’s range

Kids Penguin School Bag

Here at Little Penguin we have an assortment of penguin themed items on our online shop. One of our most favourite items in our store has to be those designed for kids, after all, what could be cuter than the smallest of penguin fans?

So, what do we have on offer? Here are some of our favourites.


Kids Glossy Wooden Penguin Necklace and Bracelet

Childrens Penguin Necklace

Who doesn’t love a bright and colourful necklace? This fun and flavoursome necklace is definitely a great treat for a little penguin fan. We love the idea of including these necklaces as a gift bag treat. After all, they are made from the very best quality materials and are cute to boot.

Soft Fluffy Stuffed Penguin

Looking for a penguin themed toy that is soft, fluffy and incredibly cute? This Soft Fluffy Stuffed Penguin is the ideal choice for you. Soft enough for cuddles and cute enough to love, this is the ideal addition to a cot or bed and makes for a brilliant companion!

Cute Penguin Sticky Notes

Do you have an older child who loves writing things down or doodling? If you do, then why not give them somewhere to get creative with these amazing sticky notes? Best of all, you can then stick them to the fridge, or to your notice board at work, anywhere that you can see them.

Kids Penguin School Bag

Who doesn’t love the idea of being able to carry around their little penguin friend all day? Why not treat your little one to this cute little penguin school bag? Not only does it have plenty of room for all the things that they are going to need to take with them to school, but it also is an awesomely cute design too.

Swimming Penguin Bath Toy

Swimming Penguin Bath Toy

It is no secret that penguins love the water. So, it makes sense that this swimming penguin bath toy is a great choice for toy. Ready to have some splashing good bathroom fun, we love this cheeky little bath-time pal, so much so that we are actually a little bit jealous of the fact that the kids get to play with it in the bath.


We have so many cute little penguin themed items on our website. Not only toys and treats for your children, but also clothing, accessories, homewares and everything in-between, all totally penguin-tastic.

So, why not treat your mini penguin fan to their very own penguin treat? Take a look at the Little Penguin range and see if you can find inspiration? You might be surprised by what could waddle into your life.