Craving the perfect cup of tea?

You may be surprised to learn that a penguin could be the helping hand that you are looking for!

If there is one thing that we all can agree on, it is that there is nothing quite like the perfect cup of tea. However, the trouble with this, is that everyone has their own idea of what makes for the ideal cup of tea.

It can be hard to get tea right, and the most important part of the process has to be the steeping. Steeping is when you leave the tea bag in the hot water, moving all that beautiful flavour from the tea bag into the water.

Once it is ready, you can add milk, sugar or whatever you want to make your own perfect cup of tea, packed full of calming flavours and ready to cure you whatever your problem.

So, why are we talking about tea? Well, that is because we have seen the ultimate teatime tool online, and best of all, it is penguin themed!

The Penguin Tea Timer and Automatic Steeper is the tool that your kitchen needs. It is designed to ensure that your teabag is steeped for exactly the right amount of time. Designed to look like a cute penguin pal for your kitchen, all you need to do is place the hot cup of water underneath the beak and place a teabag of your choice within the beak.

Once in place, you need to set the kitchen timer on the body of the penguin, which will cause the beak to come down and dip into the cup of water. Once the time is up, the beak will bring itself (and the teabag) up and you will have a perfectly steeped cup of tea.

Not only is the penguin the ideal tool to make the perfect cup of tea, but it is also can be used for regular kitchen timings too!

We love this cute little kitchen gadget, it is not only great fun, but it is also useful for everyday cooking too. No matter what it is that you want to make!

We can’t promise in the real world that a penguin would be any good and making you a cup of tea, but this helpful little pal is definitely going to be the penguin that you are going to need in your life!

We don’t have them in stock on Little Penguin unfortunately, but you can find them over on Amazon.